About Us

Build with professionals at Samurai Metal & Steel Works: SINCE FEBUARY 2008 IN MUSSAFFAH – U A E.
15000 Sq Ft of covered floor space. 
Our Goals: Accurate top-quality work, Personal commitment, Dependable deliveries, Competitive pricing. 
Samurai serves its clients in the following industries: Pulp and paper industries, Utility, Power, Co-generation plants, Refinery and chemical plants, Food and beverage industries, General construction, Architectural, Commercial, Industrial and Residential. 
Industrial Fabrication Product Examples: Structural Steel Fabrication, Tanks, Non-Code Vessel and Piping, Duct Work, Air and Fuel Gas, Cones, Transitions and Offsets, Skids, Platforms and Ladders, Hopper and Bins, Conveyors, Stacks, Silo’s, Architectural Displays, We are uniquely qualified to meet your needs and complete your fabrication requirements with the following materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys, Aluminium.

How can SAMURAI METAL & STEEL serve you? 

MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER: We provide quality structural steel fabrication in UAE. Our goal is to help make your Company ever better. We do that by working closely with your team from the time you approach us until your punch list is complete. After completing a project together, you should prefer to work with SMSW for your future fabrication needs is our GOAL, ACHEIVEMENT & PROFIT.
Project Management: We realize an engineering project is a dynamic event. Unforeseen conditions and late changes are part of the industry. Being proactive is paramount in managing structural steel jobs. Our team stays on top of issues. We manage our work. We don’t let job manage us. This results in a quality, timely project completion for you. 
Responsiveness: Whether the project is down the road from our facility or miles away, we treat all sites the same. Frequent site visits, quick response and local material staging gives you the impression that we’re just down the street from your job. If you want a face meeting to discuss strategy, problems, upcoming jobs etc. – JUST CALL AND WE WILL BE THERE. 

We take quality seriously. THAT’S WHY WE ARE THE FIRST CHOICE OF QUALITY CONCERNED COMPANIES. We understand that quality means more than “steel fit ups “. Ultimately, quality means surpassing your expectations. 
Commitments: We are committed to our customers and employees. We encourage you to call our references. We work hard and systematically on our jobs so that we are at the top of your list for your next project. If you have a chance, stop by, speak to us and see our shop in ACTION. 
Our word: How often do you work with subcontractors and suppliers who let you down or seem to disappear? We can’t promise we will never error. However, we can promise that when we say we will do something, we will do all we can to follow through. “We do what we Say”. 

Schedule: We are SCHEDULE-DRIVEN. Quality and price often don’t mean anything when schedule is completely disregarded. The critical part of your projects is dependent upon the structural steel being on time. Detailed project and shop management allows us to stay on top of all developments. If potential schedule issues arise, we will be in immediate contact with you to discuss and to explore options. We are with you even at the last minute. 

Teamwork: Working together in an environment of open communication ultimately leads to better ideas, decreases the potential of errors and supports faster turnaround time. Our project managers are the point contact during jobs; however, they’re not alone. There are several people behind the scenes (in the office and on the shop floor) who will be on - to speed up your project and willing to re-search issues for you should your main contact is unavailable.
Future: WE WILL BE THERE. SMSW is pursuing controlled and sustained growth. We are always improving skills sets of our employees. Expanding our equipment and refining our project management. Only by doing these things we ensure we will be there for you tomorrow.
Quality Control: We are quality wise well known company in Abu Dhabi. All steel in our shop is checked to shop drawing by our full time quality assurance staff. Our detailing is performed by a select group of experienced firms.
Building styles: We work on heavy structural steel fabrication, trusses and architecturally exposed steel for all building types.
Pre-construction services: When doing pre-construction, services look to us for budgeting. Steel availability updates, value engineering ideas, scheduling etc. 
Value Engineering: We all can value engineering. We can work with your team on cost-saving measures. If we have an idea that can save money, time or both – we don’t hesitate to offer it to you. You ultimate satisfaction is what’s important. 
Geographic Coverage: We have shipped fabricated material to many parts in UAE, Doha and Sudan. 
Miscellaneous: In addition to big and ugly structural steel we can cover your miscellaneous steel needs while we are fabricating your structural steel.
Finishing: We have solid relationship with quality finishers. If you wish, we can carry their services under our package to make your work easier. Among the process we can include priming, galvanizing and painting.
Manufacturer: Aside from heavy steel structures, we can also fabricate many industrial products for other manufacturers. Examples include equipment frames, fish screen, platforms, trash racks, industrial support etc in steel and stainless steel.